Research Associates

We are grateful to the following research associates for their contributions to the goals of the Institute. Our research associates include:

L. S. Baker, Jr., PhD,
Research Associate – Egyptology
(PhD, Andrews University)
Karen Borstad, PhD,
Research Associate – Director, Jalul Survey
(PhD, University of Arizona)
Theodore W. Burgh, PhD,
Research Associate – Director, Jalul Survey
Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion at UNC Wilmington
(PhD, University of Arizona)
Art Chadwick, PhD,
Research Consultant – GPS / GIS and Technology
Professor of Geology & Biology,
Chair of Department of Biology at Southwestern Adventist University
(PhD, University of Miami)
Christie Goulart Chadwick, PhD,
Research Associate
Professor of Biblical Languages at UNASP-Engenheiro Coelho
(PhD, Andrews University)
Owen Chesnut, PhD,
Research Associate – Tall Safut
(PhD, Andrews University)
Philip Drey, PhD,
Research Associate – APOT
Special Appointment Faculty, Religious Studies Program, Mount Mercy University
(PhD, Andrews University)
Stefanie Elkins, PhD,
Research Associate – Art History
Professor of Art History at Andrews University
(PhD, Andrews University)
Helena Gregor, PhD,
Research Associate Tall Jalul
Andrews University
(PhD, Andrews University)
Ralph Hawkins, PhD,
Research Associate
Associate Professor at Averett University
(DMin, University of the South; PhD, Andrews University)
Chang-Ho Ji, PhD,
Research Associate – Director of the Ataruz-Dhiban Plateau Research Project
Professor of Education and Middle Eastern Studies at La Sierra University
(PhD, Andrews University; PhD, University of California, Riverside)
Melek Jones, M.A.
Research Associate – Turkish Archaeology
MA in Archaeology, Andrews University)
Vanessa Bigot Juloux, MA, PhD candidate
Research Associate – ANE & Ugarit, Anthropology, Philosophy, Philology, and Digital Practices
(MA, EPHE-PSL, Paris; Advanced Degree in Ugaritic, ELCOA, Paris; PhD candidate, EPHE-PSL)
Giorgia Lanzarone, MA,
Research Associate – Greco-Roman History, Archaeology, and Mosaics
(MA in Classical Letters, University of Palermo; Specializzazione in Classical Archaeology, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan)
Elisabeth Lesnes, PhD,
Research Associate – Medieval and Classical Archaeology
Professor at ITT Marco Polo, Palermo
(PhD, EHESS, Paris)
David Merling, PhD,
Research Associate – Near Eastern Archaeology
Former Curator of the Horn Museum
(PhD, Andrews University)
Alessia Mistretta, PhD,
Research Associate – Classical and Paleo-Christian Archaeology
Professor in the Classical Archeology Unit at the University of Geneva
(PhD, University of Hamburg, Germany)
Willie Ondricek, MA, PhD student,
Research Associate – Turkey project
Instructor at the University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem (Land Nature and Society in Biblical Times, Research Methodology, Archaeology)
(MA, University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and MA, Tel Aviv University)
Steven M. Ortiz, PhD,
Research Associate – Director of Tel Gezer
Director of the Center for Archaeological Studies; Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Studies at Lipscomb University
(PhD, University of Arizona)
John W. Reeve, PhD,
Research Associate – Archaeology and Early Church History
Assistant Professor of Church History; Director, PhD (Religion) and ThD Programs at Andrews University
(PhD, University of Notre Dame)
Darrell J. Rohl, PhD,
Research Associate – Classical Archaeology and Information Systems
Assistant Professor of History and Archaeology at Calvin College
(PhD, University of Durham)
Maria Elena Ronza, MA,
Research Associate – Director of Restorations, MPP – Hisban
Agent for Andrews University Projects in Hisban, Jordan
(MA, University of Jordan)
Reem Shqour, PhD,
Research Associate – Director, Islamic Village, Jalul, Jordan
Co-director, Aqaba Islamic Project, Jordan
(PhD, Gent University)
Rodrigo P. Silva, PhD,
Research Associate
(PhD, Catholic University of Sao Paulo)
Efrain Velazquez, PhD,
Research Associate
Academic Vice President at Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary
(PhD, Andrews University)
Bethany Walker, PhD,
Research Associate – Islamic Archaeology and Hesban Co-Director
Research Professor of Mamluk Studies at Universitaet Bonn
(PhD, University of Toronto)
Ted Wright, MA,
Research Associate – Turkey project
(MA, Southern Evangelical Seminary)