Khirbet Safra

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Our dig dates for this summer have to be changed and they are now May 28- July 9, 2021.

Dig Director: Dr. Paul Z. Gregor

Khirbet Safra is located 17 km southwest of Madaba overlooking the Dead Sea and the road which connects Madaba to Ma’in Hot Springs and the Dead Sea. The site was established during the 13th century BC, covering 2.6 acres. The city was fortified with a double wall (casemate wall system) and was destroyed by fire two centuries later. The site was occupied again in the 11th century BC. This settlement continued until the mid ninth century BC when it was destroyed either by an earthquake or by a human agent. From that time onward, it seems that the site was abandoned until the early Byzantine period when a farmstead was established on its western side. The house might have been in use for several centuries after which the site was completely abandoned and never settled again (Safra Brochure).

All are welcome to apply!


  • Volunteers:
    • 1-3 Weeks $2100
    • 4-6 Weeks $4200
    • All weekend tours included; airfare NOT included
    • Optional one week tour of Israel following the conclusion of the dig (at additional cost)
  • AU Students: Depends on the academic program; contact and

Due Dates and Downloads (some 2021 forms not yet available):

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