The Institute of Archaeology and Siegfried H. Horn Museum offers several individual archaeological titles under its own imprimatur as well as other archaeological products co-published with Andrews University Press.

Current Titles

Ancient Pottery of Transjordan–An Introduction Utilizing Published Whole Forms: Late Neolithic Through Late Islamic. By Ralph E. Hendrix, Philip R. Drey, and J. Bjørnar Storfjell. 1997; 356 pp; glossary; bibliography; index; ISBN 0-9642060-1-3; Wirebound text manual.

Hesban After 25 Years. Edited by David Merling and Lawrence T. Geraty. 1994; xxiv + 379 pp; ISBN 0-9642060-0-5; paper.

The Luchnaria: Inscribed Lamps of the Byzantine Period. By Eugenia L. Nitowski. Horn Museum Occasional Papers, No. 4. 1986; 64 pp; 5 x 8 inches; No ISBN; paper. Order.

Current Series

ASSYRIOLOGICAL SERIES (including the Andrews University Cuneiform Tablet Series).

The Assyriological Series publishes the Horn Archaeological Museum’s cuneiform tablet collection of about 3000 tablets. The first three volumes in the series are ready references to the list of kings of Isin and Larsa. The remaining volumes (also numbered “AUCT,” Andrews University Cuneiform Texts), present selected groups of tablets from the Horn Museum collection. All volumes are published in an 8.5 x 11 inch format, some paperbound and some casebound.


The Hesban Final Publication Series (currently projected to include 14 volumes) reports the anthropological and archaeological findings gleaned from the site of Tell Hesban which was excavated during five seasons:1968-1976. Each volume has been authored by one or more specialists. The attractive, 8.5 x 11 inch, casebound volumes are highly illustrated and completely indexed.


The Madaba Plains Project Series reports the seasonal findings of the excavations at Tell el-‘Umeiri and vicinity which was initiated in 1984. Significant data and interpretations from many specialists are included in each volume. All volumes are published in an 8.5 x 11 inch, casebound format.

Forthcoming Series:


The Tall Jalul Excavation Series reports the findings of the excavations at Tall Jalul which were begun in 1992. The series includes interpretive reports by a number of specialists. All volumes are published in an 8.5 x 11 inch format.