Past Lectures

We have been privileged to host lectures by the following (listed in alphabetical order with lecture titles):

Al-Mahamid, Bassam & Hanadi al-Tahir

  • Illuminating Jordan’s Cultural Heritage

Averbeck, Richard

  • Building a House for God in the World of the Bible

Barkay, Gabriel

  • Artifacts from the Temple Mount

Bates, Robert

  • Making a Future for Our Past (with his students)
  • Undergraduate Research at Tall Hisban, Jordan Field School 2011

Bazak, Jacob

  • Numerical Devices as Literary Ornaments in the Book of Psalms

Beikman, Stanley

  • Undergraduate Research at Tall Hisban, Jordan Field School 2012

Bienkowski, Piotr

  • Tribes, Towns, and Trade: The Late Iron Age in Southern Jordan and the Negev
  • Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians in Jordan

Borowski, Oded

  • The Iron Age at Tell Halif

Borstad, Karen A.

  • The Kings’ Highway: Its Role in the Holy Land in Biblical Times

Brand, Peter

  • Preserving Egypt’s Threatened Past: The Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project

Bucheim, Paul

  • Geology and Fossils of an Ancient Lake System: The Green River Formation of Southwestern Wyoming

Bull, Robert J.

  • Caesarea Maritima: Capital of Roman Palestine in Jesus’ Day

Bullard, Reuben

  • Infant Sacrifice Among the Canaanites and Phoenicians as Indicated at Gezer and Carthage

Campbell, Edward F.

  • Archaeology at Shechem: A Case Study in Biblical Archaeology

Carswell, John

  • Architecture and Environment in the Near East

Carter, Charles

  • No Other Gods: Did Idolatry End in Exile?

Chartkoff, Joseph L.

  • The Dawn of Farming in the Near East

Chavalas, Mark W.

  • Terqa: The Middle Euphrates Region of Syria during the Time of the Patriarchs

Chesnut, Owen

  • A Reassessment of the Excavations at Tall Safut: The Site of Biblical Nobah

Clark, Douglas

  • Religious and Domestic Life at the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Tall al-‘Umayri, Jordan

Cummings, Eryl A.

  • The Recent Search for Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat

Daviau, Michele

  • Temples and Towns in Moab

Demsky, Aaron

  • The Tel Dan “House of David” Inscription

Dever, William G.

  • Archaeology and Popular Religions in Ancient Israel
  • Fading Glory?: The Recent Controversy over Israel’s Davidic Monarchy
  • Did God Have A Wife?
  • Ethnography and Everyday Life in Ancient Israel: Where Archaeology and the Bible Intersect (with Pamela Gaber)
  • Ethnographic Artifacts in the Horn Archaeological Museum
  • The Age of Solomon: Fact or Fiction?

DeVries, Bert

  • Umm el-Jimal: the Ghost Black City of the Jordanian Desert
  • Archaeology in Jordan after the Gulf War
  • Multi-Communal Site Presentation at Umm al-Jimal (with associates and students)

Eadie, John W.

  • Cult and Social Regulations in Iron I Israel: The View from Ta’anach

Elkins-Bates, Stefanie

  • Khirbet Ataruz: Omri, Mesha, Temples and Wars (with Chang-Ho Ji)

Filas, Francis L.

  • A Theologian Looks at the Shroud of Turin

Frick, Frank S.

  • Cult and Social Regulations in Iron I
  • Israel: The View from Ta’anach

Gaber, Pamela

  • Ethnography and Everyday Life in Ancient Israel: Where Archaeology and the Bible Intersect (with William Dever)

Gane, Connie

  • Nineveh’s Last Stand: Assyrian Bones and the Gate of Doom
  • Babylonian Symposium (with Students)
  • Nineveh Symposium (with Students)
  • Persia Symposium (with Students)

Gane, Roy

  • Reconstructing a Sennacherib Prism Recently Found at Nineveh, Iraq

Geraty, Larry T.

  • Tell el-Umeiri 1987
  • Report on the 1987 Archaeological Expedition to Tell el-Umeiri
  • An Ammonite City Continues to Reveal its Secrets: Tell el-Umeiri, 1989
  • Respondent, “The Spade Confirms the Book Revisited” (R. Younker)

Gerber, Yvonne

  • The Daily Life of the Nabataeans (Swiss-Liechtenstein Excavations at Petra, Jordan)

Gilmour, Garth

  • The Archaeology of Cult in Early Iron Age Palestine: A Methodological Approach
  • The Archaeology of the Philistines in Iron II: National and Economic Revival under Assyrian Domination

Goldfried, Howard P.

  • Herod’s Fortress and the Zealot’s Last Stand

Graham, Andrew

  • Showdown at Moab

Graichen, Thomas

  • Figuring Out Figurines (with Regine Huniziker-Rodewald and Astride Nunn)

Gregor, Paul

  • Jalul Excavations: Recent Findings (with Paul Ray and students)
  • Many Waters in the Desert: A Look at Jalul’s Water Systems
  • The Waters of Jalul
  • Excavating Khirbet Safra: A Biblical City from the Time of the Judges, Part I and II

Grunewald, Mathilde

  • Medieval Pilgrimage
  • Luther and His Books

Hasel, Michael

  • The Identification of Canaanite Territories, Cities and Peoples in the New Kingdom of Egypt
  • The Battle Over King David: Excavating the Fortress of Elah
  • David and Solomon’s Legacy: The Results of the Fourth Expedition to Lachish

Herr, Larry G.

  • Digging Up One of the Lost Tribes
  • Where Have the Amorites Gone?: Tall al-‘Umayri and the Bible

Hess, Richard S.

  • Rahab’s Name and Other Textual Evidence Regarding the Historical Context of Joshua
  • Between the Sand and the Sea: Israel’s Sojourn in the Wilderness
  • King Lists, Names, and the Line from Adam to Abram in Genesis 1-11

Hoerth, Al

  • Ancient Games People Played
  • The Worlds of Abraham

Hoffmeier, James K.

  • Moses vs. Pharaoh: An Egyptologist’s Perspective
  • The Excavations at Tell el-Borg, Sinai: New light on the Route of the Exodus

Horn, Siegfried H.

  • Heshbon in the Bible and Archaeology
  • The Mesha Inscription: Its Bearing on Moab in the 9th Century

Hubbard, Reuben

  • Health and Medical Practice in Ancient Egypt

Hudson, Stanley

  • Coins of the Bible Lands

Hunziker-Rodewald, Regine

  • Figuring Out Figurines (with Astride Nunn and Thomas Graichen)

Ibrahim, Moawiyah

  • Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Yemen

Irving, Dorothy

  • The Well Dressed Ammonite Woman

Isaac, Benjamin H.

  • Judea Between the First and Second Jewish Revolts

Ji, Chang-Ho

  • Khirbet Ataruz: Omri, Mesha, Temples and Wars (with Stefanie Elkins-Bates)

Johnson, Cale

  • The Invention of Writing in Mesopotamia

Johnston, Robert M.

  • A Theologian’s First Visit to the Holy Land

Khairy, Nabil

  • Petra and the Culture of the Nabataeans

Kingbeil, Gerald

  • Getting the Big Picture: Surveys in Archaeology

LaBianca, Øystein S.

  • Let the City of Sihon Be Repaired: Plans for Restoration and Preservation of Tall Hisban (Biblical Heshbon)
  • Anthropology and Biblical Archaeology: The View from Tall Hisban
  • 40 Years at Hesban (Biblical Heshbon?)
  • Jordan Field School 2011 (with Robert Bates, Patrice Jones, Kristen Witzel, Brian Manley, Martin Smith and their students)

Lapp, Nancy

  • Excavations on the Dead Sea Plain, 1990

Livingston, David

  • The Search for Biblical Ai

Loffreda, Stanislao

  • Recent Excavations at Capernaum

London, Gloria

  • Ceramic Folk Art in Cyprus and Jordan

Lynn, Donald J.

  • A Scientist Looks at the Shroud of Turin

MacDonald, Burton

  • The Tafila-Busayra Archaeological Survey, West-Central Jordan

Machinist, Peter

  • Nahum and the Fall of Nineveh: Prophet Vindicated and Conqueror Conquered

Master, Daniel

  • Searching for Solomon in the Archaeological Record (with John Monson)

Mattingly, Gerald L.

  • The Archaeology of Transjordan and Conquest-Settlement
  • Recent Archaeological Research in Ancient Moab and the Karak Resources Project

Merling, David

  • The Monastery, the Manuscript and the Mountain

Meyers, Eric

  • Everyday Life in Roman Palestine

Milgrom, Jacob

  • Biblical and Archaeological Evidence for the Extent and Nature of Idolatry in 8th and 7th Century Judah

Miller, J. Maxwell

  • Two Centuries of Archaeological Exploration in Ancient Moab

Monson, John

  • Searching for Solomon in the Archaeological Record (with Daniel Master)

Ninow, Friedbert

  • At the Fringes of the Moabite Plateau: New Discoveries in Ancient Moab

Nitowski, Eugenia L.

  • Mt. Carmel Project – 1988

Nunn, Astride

  • Figuring Out Figurines (with Regine Huniziker-Rodewald and Thomas Graichen)

Ortiz, Steven M.

  • House of David or the Tent of David? Current Issues and Trends in Biblical Archaeology
  • Recent Excavations at Gezer, Israel

Oswalt, John

  • The Coherence/Incoherence of the Book of Isaiah and an Evangelical View of Scripture

Pettinato, Giovanni

  • Update on Ebla Tablet Research

Platt, Elizabeth E.

  • A Morning in Abraham’s Town

Pott, Kenneth

  • Recent Archaeology Work in Lake Michigan: a 19th Century Schooner!

Rainey, Anson F.

  • Pictures of Israelites found in Egypt?
  • Bringing the Bible Down to Earth – The Disciplines of Historical Geography: An Approach to Everyday Life of Ancient Israel
  • From Where Did the Israelites Come?

Rast, Walter E.

  • Bab edh-Dhra: Is It Biblical Sodom?

Ray, Paul 

  • Update on Tall Hisban
  • The Jesus Tomb (with Randall Younker)
  • Jalul Excavations: Recent Findings (with Paul Gregor and students)

Reeves, John

  • X-Raying the Pharaohs

Rendsburg, Gary Al

  • Reading the Abraham Story

Ritmeyer, Leen

  • The Temple and the Rock-Where the Ark of the Covenant stood in Solomon’s Temple and A Square of 500 Cubits – Locating the Original Temple Mount

Runia, David

  • Philo of Alexandria and the Founding of Two Cities

Salem, Hamed

  • The Current State of Archaeology in the Palestinian Territories

Sauer, James A.

  • The Relationship Between Archaeology and Biblical Studies

Schaub, Thomas

  • Recent Excavations at Khanazir, Jordan

Schiffman, Lawrence

  • The Sabbath in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Schoville, Keith

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Recent Controversies
  • The Contribution of Archaeology to Biblical Studies

Schultz, Warren

  • Numismatics and Tall Hisban: Mamluk Coins and the 2014 Season

Seger, Joe D.

  • Tell Halif – Bottom to Top Excavations of the 1992-93 Seasons

Shea, William

  • Traces of Israelites in Sinai
  • Sennacherib: One Campaign or Two?
  • History and Inscription
  • Where Was Jesus Crucified and Resurrected?

Shiloh, Yigal

  • New Archaeological Discoveries in the City of David – Biblical Jerusalem

Sigrist, Marcel

  • The Cuneiform Archive of Drehem and Ur III Administration

Silva, Rodrigo

  • In a Strange Land: How Judaism Adapted and Survived in Dura Europos, Syria

Smith, Joanna S.

  • Eastern Mediterranean Bronze and Iron Age Ceramics from Production to Consumption

Snow, Timothy

  • Abila at the Time of Jesus

Stern, Ephraim

  • The Archaeology of Tel Dor, the Biblical Seaport

Stripling, Scott

  • Go Now to Shiloh: Have We Found the House of God?

Stordalen, Terje

  • Characteristics of Cultural Production in the Iron Age Southern Levant

Storfjell, J. Bjørnar

  • The Use of Coins in Archaeological Dating
  • The Crescent and the Cross: Christianity Gives Way to Islam
  • Ceramic Development of the Byzantine through Crusader Period

Syphers, C. Erwin

  • A Pictorial Visit to Petra

Tappy, Ron

  • Tel Zayit in the Early Iron II Period: A Biblical City on the Border of Judah

Terian, Abraham

  • Digging for Lost Works in a Medieval Archive
  • The Coins of Heshbon
  • The Religious Relics of the First Christian Nation

Toueir, Kassem

  • Ebla and Its Importance In Syrian Archaeology

Tsouparopoulou, Christina

  • What Can These Tiny Clay Tablets Tell Us About Ancient Drehem?

Tubb, Jonathan N.

  • Recent Excavations at Tell es Sydiah

van der Steen, Eveline

  • Traveling With the Bedouin: A Journey into Iron Age Transjordan

VanderKam, James C.

  • Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Vaughn, Andrew

  • The Success of Hezekiah: A New Look at Hezekiah’s Success Following Sennacherib’s Campaign

Walton, John

  • The Mesopotamian Background of the Tower of Babel

Waterhouse, S. Douglas

  • The Hesban Tombs

Weiss, Herold

  • Renewed Excavation at Capernaum, the City Jesus Loved

Wiseman, Donald J.

  • Archaeology and the Book of Jonah
  • The Bible and Archaeology

Wolff, Samuel

  • Tel Megadin: A Multi-period Site on the Carmel Coast, Israel

Wood, Bryant

  • Uncovering the Truth at Jericho: A Comparison of the Archaeological and Biblical History of Jericho in the Late Bronze Age
  • In Search of Biblical Ai: Khirbet Mukatir
  • New Evidence for Israel in Egypt
  • More New Evidence for Israel in Egypt

Yamauchi, Edwin

  • Babylon and the Bible

Younger, Lawson

  • The “Lost Tribes” of Israel in the Light of Recent Discoveries

Younker, Randall W.

  • New Insights on the Biblical Ammonites
  • Jalul Excavations: 1992 and 1994
  • Did David Really Exist: Sensational Finds and Controversy Over Israel’s Greatest King
  • In the Trenches: The Battle Between Archaeology and Biblical Criticism
  • Adventist Contributions to Archaeology
  • The Jesus Tomb (with Paul Ray)
  • Is the Bible Historically Reliable?
  • Forgotten Treasures of Biblical Archaeology
  • Moabites, Solomon’s Pools and Other Mysteries at Jalul: Report on the 2011 Season at Tall Jalul, Jordan
  • New Biblical Connections Discovered at Jalul
  • Paul and the Emergence of Christianity in Sicily
  • Archaeology, Women, and the Early Church
  • The Spade Confirms the Book Revisited
  • Archaeology, Women, and the Early Church, Part II
  • Has the Ark been Found on Ararat? A Preliminary Report on Andrews University’s New Expedition to Eastern Turkey
  • Report on the Recent Climb and the Finds on Mt. Ararat

Zadok, Ran

  • The Earliest Diaspora: The Judeans in Babylonia and Their Neighbors

Zayadine, Fawzi

  • Recent Excavations at the Amman Citadel and Iraq el Amir
  • As-Sela of Edom and the Rock of the Nabataeans

Ziese, Mark

  • The Tragedies of Tell Taanek